Adult Recitation Lab

Adult Recitation Lab

Tuesdays from 4 PM- 5:30 PM. No registration needed. First come, first serve.

Tajwīd II Course


Students are introduced to the science of the art of recitation, formally known as Tajwīd.  In level one (semester one), the goal of the student is to completely understand the makhārij (articulation) and ṣifāt al-lāzimah (permanent characteristics) of the letters and begin to apply them in their reading/recitation of the Qurʾān.


After the understanding the originating points of articulation and permanent qualities of the Arabic letters and application in Qurʾān reading, students will learn all the temporary qualities upon the letters in recitation.
After completion of this course, students will have all the required knowledge of Tajwīd to be able to apply Tajwīd in their recitation, insha Allah

Prerequisite: Basic Qurʾān Reading ability and must be high school or older

Qurʾān Reading | Qaʿidah Nūraniyyah Completion

This course is designed for male and female adults who want to begin their journey in learning to read from the Muṣḥaf (The Qurʾān in the form of a book).  With the famous text Qāʿidah Nūrāniyyah, the instructor will guide students through each lesson in a group setting with the objective of potentially completing the book in the semester, insha Allah, which will prepare students to begin reading from the Muṣḥaf.

Prerequisite: must be high school or older.

Semester Tuition Schedule

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One Student $300 total, $75/month
Family, two students $450 total, $113/month
Family, three or more students $600 total, $150/month

Tuition discounts available for qualified families – please email


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