Full-time Qurʾān Program

Full-time Program Information Package 2019-2020

The Tayseer Qurʾān program aims to preserve the recitation and memorization of the Qurʾān in the community by offering its full-time Qurʾān memorization program.

The goal of the program is for students to memorize the Qurʾān in its entirety under the guidance of the instructor. Though this is the apparent and primary objective, the Qurʾān program aims to create students who will excel in their Islamic learning and academic goals as well, insha Allah.

Students must complete the online application form and be accepted in the program by the director of the Qurʾān program. All eligible students must have at least tier II level of Quran fluency as outlined below:

Quran Reading Fluency
15 Lines <5 minutes with Tajwīd II application
Tajwīd Level II
Apply 17 points of letters articulation
Apply Rules of Heaviness and Lightness – ا    ر   ل   
Apply Muddat
Apply Ghunan – نْ \ تنوين and مْ

Students must also be above-average in their academic studies. The general guideline for acceptance in the program are:
1. At least in fourth grade or higher
2. Show an above-average academic achievement
3. Show fluency in Qurʾān recitation/reading
4. Show ability to memorize independently
5. Be able to respect/follow instructions and understand short-term and long-term goals

The program is year-long with the periodic breaks/holidays, generally following the Knox county calendar and/or Annoor Academy’s academic calendar and major Holidays as outlined in the informational package (above).


For questions or more information, please email quran@tayseerseminary.org